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Thursday, October 12, 2006

NFL Rankings...

After about 7-8 beers watching Hockey Night in Canada with a buddy from home who was visiting, he was bitching about my blog and saying that I should do an NFL Ranking, which I thought was I good idea.
We are going to give it a try so let's hope we remember everyone here.

We all knew how scary the defense was, but did anyone expect the offense to come alive like this. I sure didn't. They have only allowed 36 points in the team's first five games. That is wicked nasty. They are on pace to finish with one of the stingiest defenses in NFL history. Now, let's not do anything stupid like get hurt or something.
They miss Edgerrin James. But James misses Indianapolis more. They are a deep team spreading the field with a variety of ways. Yes, they barely beat the Vince Young-led Titans last week, but the Colts ran with Joesph Addai, then ran with Dominack Rhodes. Oh yeah, we have that Peyton Manning guy with the arm to end all arms.
Whoever won the Monday night game between Baltimore and Denver was going to the 3 spot. That was a given, but Denver manhandled Baltimore making them look pitiful. The Denver defense was solid all night, in the cold shitty weather that Bronco fans have come to know and love.
Yes, they got pushed around in Denver and their running game is soon to be the 'feared' Running Back By Committee. Steve McNair is starting to struggle a little bit. The good news is like Chicago and Denver, the defense will keep them in games. You don't have to wow anyone by winning big, just do well enough to get by.
How lucky are the Patriots to be playing in the AFC East, with Miami a complete and total mess this year, New England (barring internal collapse) has stamped themselves with another AFC East title. They need to really figure out the receiving corps or they will be hurting in January come playoff time. I am a big fan of the Maroney/Dillon running back tandem as they are running over opponents and making it look really easy. That shouldn't be happening.
Dear Mr. Hutchinson,
Please Come Home.
Seahawks front office.
They need to improve the O-line to improve the running game. Hasselbeck has almost too many options when it comes to receivers but like New England they have a weak division making a return playoff trip likely. Sadly, they will be going through Soldier Field where they were known as the unknown soldier. Completely lost and confused.
They are going to outscore people, but they aren't getting the lucky breaks like last year. So, they need to work on the defensive side of the ball. Also, staying out of jail would be a gigantic plus for the mystery Bengals. If you guys keep playing well, then I have to hear Boomer Esiason talk and I can't drink that much to forget about him.
Philip Rivers needs one more big game for me to launch them into a top 5 team, but they looked really good against the Steelers. Imagine if the receiving corps were upgraded to a decent squad. How solid would the offense be?
McNabb has proven that he doesn't need T.O. the question will now be can he lead the team to the promised land and deliver a Philly Super Bowl trip. Also, Brian Westbrook slow down, take it easy. We haven't had you healthy this far into the season, ever.
You love the run, Jeroius Norwood can run through and over people, why isn't he used more often? The receivers need to be more consistent as does Ahsley Lelie. You wanted out, you got out, now deliver some numbers.
This is a team I do not want to face, if Leftwhich was only more consistent. Oh, imagine the possibilities. Will the injury to Peterson make a defense in one of the most frightening defenses?
12- ST. LOUIS RAMS (4-1)
Overachieving, which is good for them. They haven't hit the wall or have had their tema falling apart due to injuries. They will falter, unless they take down Seattle this weekend.
"Team of Destiny" is the new phrase I am hearing, is that the truth though, I don't know. I thought that last year's team underachieved because they lost McAllister, so them playing well this year is not a gigantic shock to me. I think that the Saints will march on, but they can't get every break all season, can they?
They lost Dan Morgan due to injury again. Steve Smith is healthy, but DeAngelo Williams is not. The 3-2 record shows hoe up and down this team is. The need be healthy to be playoff bound.
The Giants are starting to come around which is about time. Are they as good as everyone is saying. Hell no. They will be a wild card team and then get trounced in the first round because I do not think the Giants are going to step and deliver defensviely. They are going to be up and down all season long.
The defense is the highlight of this team for me, they are exceeding my expectations and warrant starting in fantasy matchups if they have a favorable opponent. I would like to see Brad Johnson try and air it out to the receivers a little more. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Keep going until it stops working.
I will not answer any questions about T.O. and then you answer questions about T.O. guess what Parcelles I DO NOT CARE! You and T.O. can drop dead for I care. I for one, don't want to listen to this soap-opera crap any longer. Who's with me? Also, what is the deal at running back are we going to make up our minds here...Marion Barber or Julius Jones? That's the million dollar question.
Santana Moss, Clinton Portis and a group of overachievers. Washington is the New York Yankees of the NFL, let's continue to throw money at the problem, because hey that has worked out great in the past. Yeah right, it doesn't work, but no one told Daniel Snyder that. ie-Brandon Lloyd, Antwaan Randle El, etc.
The defense is much improved but can the offense hang on until Trent Green comes back. We hope but nothing is certain. LJ is hurting and it's not like Priest Holmes is right there to step in. They have Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh and the Steelers are ready to take assault on Huard. Herm Edwards is losing control of his players and respect from management. It could be a very short tenure for him.
JP Losman is the right man for the job and Lee Evans is starting to contribute more frequently. Willis is doing well running the ball. There is a young trio in place giving Buffalo some hope. It's not Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, or Jim Kelly but the potential is there for the Bills to hang in more games the rest of the season. I think they can go 7-9 in a tough AFC this season. (Still to play - NE again, NYJ again, DET, GB, JAX just to name a few.
21- NEW YORK JETS (2-3)
J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Oh, how I loathe you so fucking much. I think it is because every Jets fans I know from college was a huge dick. That must be it. I wanted to punch most if not all of them in the face. They were the same people who told me last year that the Jets should trade their entire draft to Houston to draft Reggie Bush. That's how dumb they were. Anyways, they are a wild card in the AFC East, because they have the potential and luck to stay in games, but they would allow 75 yards rushing to me, with bad knees on any given Sunday.
Say it ain't so guys. You are playing scared football. You aren't intimidating anyone and why should should. Hines Ward is getting blanketed by guys and until Wilson/Holmes/ Washington become a reliable guy, there is little chance the 3 yards and a cloud of dust team makes the playoffs. Panic is so bad, there are rumors of Jerry Porter or Randy Moss to the Steelers in a package possibly including defensive standout Joey Porter.
They are getting better each week, I am seeing signs of growth and potential. Alex Smith can throw, can someone please catch the ball. Or even play defense. You need defense to have a fighting chance ask teams that are at the top. They will tell you that defense is king.
Playing Matt Leinart is the right thing to do. Let the kid take his lumpps this year and establish a connection with Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Edgerrin James needs an offensive line so that he can start to run the ball. It would be a nice thing to get, but it won't happen until next year at the earliest. This is my sleeper for next season. 2007 - the year of the Cardinal.
Brett Favre. What the hell is Brett Favre doing in my living room? Sorry, "There's Something About Mary" was on TV last night and frankly, I could not resist myself from saying it. Brett says "I'm in town to play the Dolphins, dumbass." Ah, it takes me back. Anyways, Brett you should have moved on this year, it's tough to watch a legend fade away into mediocracy. I understand you want to go out competitive and a winner, let's face it. Green Bay is not going to give you that. What you need is a core of talent around you. Greg Jennings is wicked awesome, but losing Javon Walker hurt a lot. Even if you won't admit to it. Please stop living in 1997. It is sad to see this. The Free Aaron Rodgers campaign has officially started.
David Carr can be a good quarterback as long as he is standing upright for more than a few seconds. Mario Williams is not the dynamic player Houston is hoping for and with Domanick Davis out for the year, how bad do you think Houston wishes they had Reggie Bush. I am sure plenty of people. Let's hope the defense can play to the potential of the offense and they will get by. They are better than 1-3. I truly think so.
Should they be higher, maybe but not by much. I am anti-Cleveland (being a Steelers fan it's in my blood) and I can't deny it. They are going to contiune to take their lumps, but they have some hope on the horizon, but what happened Rueben Droughns. He has looked ugly this year and needs to pick up the pace. Fantasy owners are calling for his head on a plate.
They may be winless, but they looked managible against the Saints last week. Bruce Gradkowski, is going to get through this season and Jon Gruden did not panic and sign a retread quarterback to salvage his season ie-Tommy Maddox. Yes, Cadillac Williams will ultimately struggle as will the continued development of receiver Michael Clayton.
Vince Young, looked okay against the Indy defense. I thought he was going to be falling apart. What is falling apart is the Titans front office and their receiving corps. Rumor has it that management and the coaching staff disagree on things and Jeff Fisher might be the guy to fall on the sword this off-season. If that is the case. The Titans will do a very bad thing there.
Joey Harrington, is getting something that very few people get in life. A second chance. I mean that's great. He deserves it and I hope that he does well. Even if it is Miami. He's has Chambers, Ronnie Brown, McMichael around him and he needs just a litte protection and he'll be alright.
Yes, I like Jon Kitna as there qb. Joey Harrington got the raw deal, but this team is a mess up and down and there is room for improvement all over the place. I also hear that Roy Williams is hurting a little bit. Awesome, when it rains it pours literally.
First off, when Andrew Walter is your starting quarterback you are in trouble. This team should get at least one W. I mean Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan aren't that bad. Oh wait, they are. Well damn. Here's hoping for one win that doesn't come against the Steelers. From the rumor mill and reposted on The Steelers are interested in either Jerry Porter or Randy Moss. Randy Moss in Pittsburgh, Cowher would definately retire and leave Moss to be someone else's problem.


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