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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MLB Playoffs

The Football post will come later today, but I wanted to make my MLB Playoff Predictions right now, before the first game at 1 PM. That way, if it's true, then people know I am not copying them.

First thing is first. The Twins who I have been touting for quite some time is going to win the World Series. Now, I know that they are the trendy pick among sports writers who want to be cool, but let's look at the facts. How many teams have been hotter than Minnesota? The Twins know how to come back late in games. And I don't care how that since it's the post-season Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer ever, that was the past. This is 2006, Hello Joe Nathan! He will make the leap to superstardom this post-season.
On the NL side, it would have been pretty easy to say that the Mets were going, but let's get real. No Pedro, not going to happen. Jake Peavy and all-time saves man Trevor Hoffman will be representing the NL.
Twins/A's - Twins in 5
Tigers/Yankees - Yankees in 4

Twins/Yankees - Twins in 6

Mets/Dodgers - Mets in 4
Padres/Cardinals - Padres in 5

Padres/Mets - Padres in 6

World Series --Twins/Padres - Twins in 7.
MVP - Something tells me that Michael Cuddyer will come up big, it's just a feeling. Yeah let's see the Twins hoist the trophy for Kirby Puckett, who passed away during spring training.

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