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Monday, October 30, 2006

The List (Week 8)

Let's start by saying I loathe Ben Roethlisberger. Thank the lord, I am not near Pittsburgh. If I was there would be trouble brewing big time. I mean come on 4 picks against Oakland. That means he'll throw 12 against Baltimore.
Oakland managed shade under 100 yards of total offense (98 actually) and beat the Steelers because of 2 interceptions that were returned for touchdowns and really shitty offense of Pittsburgh. They couldn't run up the middle and they were trying to force passes that just weren't there.
At 2-6, the Steelers season is esentially over. They still have Denver, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Baltimore (twice), Cleveland (twice), and Cincinnati.
I think at best right now 7-9. I am sad a little bit bitter.

Speaking of angry and miserable, I lost again in my money league, which it was a battle of teams who thoughts scoring points was a bad idea. The final score was 77-75, it was the only matchup where both teams failed to score 80 points. The whole thing was pitiful.

My opponent had Hasselbeck and Byron Leftwich at quarterback so he picked up Vince Young. Now Young didn't light up the scoreboard, but with him running and passing, that sucked. It sucked hard. (Stupid Vince Young). Young managed 18 fantasy points, but only threw for a mighty 87 yards. That's it. But when you run for 40+ yards and a touchdown, you decide to be a jackass.
Then I thought okay, it wasn't bad. he had Tatum Bell and Leon Washington who did nothing. Meanwhile, I had Cadillac Williams and Duece McAllister who ran the ball a combined 13 times for 31 yards! Yes, New Orleans was out of the game early against Baltimore, who conviently was on my opponents roster managing 21 points for him. (mostly because of 2 int's returned for tds) But, Tampa Bay not running was the wrong call and I'll mention that later.
I thought I was still okay, when Marvin Harrison, Laveranues Coles, and LJ Smith all had medicore games. But, I had both Lee Evans and Mike Furrey on bye week and my receivers are weak to begin with.
Hines Ward good yardage, no TD's. Santonio Holmes (waiver wire pickup) got me a respectable 4 points with a long reception, no TD's though. The Clayton Bros. (Mark and Mike) sucked it hard. Mike along with the rest of Tampa Bay continues to ruin my life. He had one catch and then fumbled the damn ball he managed -2 points. How the hell does that happen? (Those 2 points will come back to haunt me later)
The opposition has Adam Viniteri who plays tha game of the season for him and basically saves my opponent. That whiney little pain in my ass.
Going into Monday night. The scoreboard read All U Can Eat 70 No Fat Chicks 35.
He had Chad Jackson for NE. I had both Tom Brady and the Minnesota defense. I thought I was going to be screwed. I was expecting to lose by at least 10 points. New England loves the run, like I love potato chips. (mmmmmm......potato chips).
All of a sudden, Tom Brady is throwing the ball all over the place and the lead is slowly shrinking. There might be hope and still an outside chance for victory. Then the Vikings run a punt back for a TD and Brady is having a career game. I am thinking an upset has been made.
Then it all came crashing down to earth. Chad Jackson, the fucking rookie has one catch the whole game for a 10 yard touchdown and gets my opponent 7 points. I was beyond pissed.
Brady ends the game going 29/43 for 372 yards, 4 td's, 1 int. He gets 33 points.
The Vikings defense bombed out, but causing 2 turnovers and getting the punt return for a TD gave us a managable 7 points there.
Final Score read All U Can Eat 77 No Fat Chicks 75.
Two points was the only difference and it boils down to 2 things. 1) Michael Clayton fumbling his one catch against New York giving us a -2 or 2) the way our league is set up if Tom Brady threw one more completion for only 3 yards it would have given him an extra 2 points. (he would have had 30 completitions - we get one poin for every 10 passing completions, and he would have had 375 yards - we get one point for every 25 yards passing.)

Once again, we lose a heartbreaker. At 2-6 we are tied for the worst record and 2 games out of the last playoff spot with 4 weeks left. Two of my losses have been less than 10 points (7 points, which that week Seattle managed a -7 for me and cost that one and this week 2 points, courtesy of Michael Clayton.)

I need to relax and forget about how much Clayton bites. It's giving me nightmares.

Anyways, there are other teams that played so let's try to focus on them for a bit. Now comes the List....

To: Jon Gruden
Re: Seriously, Playcalling?
Cadillac Williams ran the ball 8 times the entire game against the Giants. Now, yes the Giants have a good line up front but 8 times. You don't have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you have Bruce Gradkowski.
I do love your explanation of throwing so much, you go to the passing game often in order to exploit the perceived gaps in the Gaints' pass defense (okay, I'll give you that) but the other reason I have big problems with exploiting the 'windy conditions at Giants Stadium'. Windy conditions, are you f*ing kidding me. I always thought if it was windy it would be more challenging throwing something in the air. Therefore, wouldn't you want to try and run the ball a little bit more than 8 damn times. I mean come on. There is a reason you team is awful this year and this is one of those reasons. You are dead to me.
To: Tony Romo
Re: Welcome to the Big Show
With your first start under your belt considered a success and a victory over a difficult Carolina squad in the Panthers lair. You have won the hearts of Cowboys fans and more importantly have given Bill Parcells hope in Dallas.
PS - Terry Glenn can complain all he wants (He still thinks it's the late 90's and it's New England). He's an idiot.
To: New Orleans
Re: Down to Earth
You can't get every lucky break, you have to concede every now and again. I can see that you have to work out some kinks before you play a team like Baltimore again. You did show that you won't quit and fight until the bitter end. Making the game almost respectable, but you had too much to overcome.
Also, I didn't agree with the selection of playcalling. Why not throw to the backs more? Just because Reggie Bush went down doesn't mean you have to give up on involving Deuce McAllister.
To: Denver Defensive Backs
Re: Multiple Receivers
There is a problem here. Champ Bailey can't cover both Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. So which one do you want to beat you all game long?
What was that you thought, Peyton Manning would struggle against you on the road? Come on now, that's funny. Really sad and pathetic but funny.
To: Jake Plummer
Re: Best Game
You have your best game this season and you still aren't even close to Manning. No excuses or Jay Cutler will be running the show
To: Indianaoplis Defense
Re: Running Stopping
Suprisingly, you won the game giving up over 200 yards rushing. I mean do you try to stop the run or is Denver just that good.
If that isn't fixed soon, there is no way that you can keep moving along with ease.
To: Chicago
Re: Fair Play
You didn't even show up in the second half, was that even fair against San Fran. Wait, you say you didn't want to get those orange jerseys dirty. Well, that makes sense.
To: Oakland
Re: Nice offense
You won on defense, literally. I mean not evne getting 100 yards on offense and winning, well that doesn't happen very often and you will see it won't happen again.

I think that is enough venting for now. Soon to come, upcoming ranking and early playoff projections.


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