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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The List (Week 7)

I want to start out by saying if I lived anywhere near Seattle. I would give that Seahawks defense a piece of my mind. Those stupid little posers. I can't stand them and for the most part neither can any other self-respecting Seattle football fan. I mean, it's not like they have done anything completely different and they were a Super Bowl caliber defense last season.
They have cost my money team 2 victories this season and if I miss the playoffs, that will be the sole reason why. I should be a mighty 4-3 but in reality we are a 2-5 team. Which puts me tied for 10th in a 12 team league.
For example, in week 4. My team lost 102-95. I played the Seattle defense in Chicago on Sunday night, because stupid me I thought the game would be a battle of good defense and a close game maybe a field goal fest. Nope, Seattle defense netted a whopping -7. You have to try and achieve a -7 for fantasy football. Meanwhile, I had the Vikings defense on the bench and they managed 7 points against Buffalo which was a great game to watch. Overall a 14 point swing. If that change was made Team No Fat Chicks (NFC) would have won 109-102.
This past week, was not nearly as bad as the -7 thrashing of Rex Grossman, but it was pretty damn close. Seattle plays Minnesota, okay fine I have both defenses. I was thinking that the Seattle offense would overpower the Minnesota defense so I should start Seattle. Yeah, great idea....not.
Final Score Minnesota 31 Seattle 13. From a fantasy perspective...Minnesota defense scored 23 points and Seattle scored 0. I lost 105-95.
Granted I was wicked lucky this week Hines Ward, played the game of his career with 3 touchdowns, 170+ yards receiving, including a long td, wich scored an extra bonus point or two.
Mike Furrey, also come up with a strong game for my team with another touchdown. However, I had zero production of of the 2RB. After losing Dominack Davis in August, I had Duece McAllister as my number 2 RB, but he was on bye week. So it was a toss up between Najeh Davenport of Pittsburgh and Jerious Norwoord of Atlanta. I went with Davenport because the Giants were able to run with ease against Atlanta and I thought Norwood would get nothing against a tough Steeler defense. Yep, wrong again.
Granted, my opponent had Tiki Barber, Randy Moss, Chris Cooley, and Joe Jurevicius had solid performances.

There are 5 weeks left in the regular season until the playoffs start and at 2-5. The top 8 teams make the playoffs and right now their are two teams are 6-1, one team and 5-2, two at 4-3, and four teams at 3-4.
I am only one game out of a playoff spot and this coming week I am against a 3-4 team. They lost Hasselbeck and have to start Byron Lefwich against Philadelphia, and Clinton Portis is on bye this week. It will be another close week and I have learned to stay away from the Seattle defense.

The List....
To: Oakland
Re: banding together
Wow, you actually won a game. now granted this isn't going to turn around the season or anything but this is still a step in the right direction even if you did beat the Cardinals of all teams.
To: Dennis Green
Re: Free Checkups at all Phoenix Hospitals
After the meltdown of Monday night, losing to Oakland in a game mnay people expected you to win, you lose. Maybe throwing away your offensive coordinator wasn't the best idea in the world, because who are you going to hide behind now?
To: Drew Bledso
Re: "I Will Not Be A Backup"
Drew, let's be serious. You are on your last legs and Parcells will not settle for your inability to be mobile. You may not have a choice as you running out of chances to prove yourself, even when your old buddy from New England is having doubts about you.
PS- You can't throw the ball if you can't stay on your feet and no, you cannot blame the offensive line for everything. A part of it, maybe but not everything. You are letting Jason Witten waste away by making him block and not catch the ball. Bad Bledsoe Bad.
To: Michael Vick
Re: Think with your arm, not with your legs
You can throw the ball, you proved it and even to someone else other than Alge Crumpler. Give it some time and you will improve, but if you complain about it then you will lose the respect of everyone who is trying to help you.
To: Miami Dolphins
Re: Really?
You lost to the Packers at home. Now, I understand that you are supposed to be a strong team and Culpepper was playing hurt and we have been unlucky, blah, blah, blah, shut up.
You are embarrassing yourselves and football everywhere except in Buffalo where they are smiling that you are worse than the Bills.
Look on the bright side, the high draft pick will be helpful next April. Too bad, Nick Saban might not be around to enjoy it as he could be on his way out if the season progresses like this.
To: Seattle
Re: You are ruining my life
Read the beginning on this rant about why I loathe the Seahawks defense. But in all honesty, is there any chance of a deep playoff run if you can't stop anyone on defense?
To: Matt Bryant
Re: 62 yard blast for the win
Dude, you are my kicker that is almost cool enough to not be a kicker this week.
To: Kansas City Chiefs
Re: Upset City
You showed up loud and proud against the Chargers especially after getting destoryed against the Steelers. My question for you is which team are you for real and more importantly, who is going to be the QB - Trent Green or Damon Huard?

The Good:
Hines Ward - Scoring without your shoes - That's nasty. Nasty Good
Houston Texans - No one gave you a chance. That's how you prove skeptics wrong
Brett Favre - "I'm in town to play the Dolphins dumbass." Still one of my favorite lines from "There's Something About Mary". He delivered against the Dolphins and showed that they have a little bit of gas in the tank. However, gas prices keep climbing unlike the Packers.....hmmmmm

The Bad:
JP Losman - You lose a fumble because you run into the umpire, that was just comicial. Thanks for the laughs.
San Diego Chargers Defense - Are you overrated because of Mr. Merriman's "Special Juice"
Seattle Seahawks - (See a trend here)

Coming Soon...NFL Rankings and early predictions for the playoffs

Until then.


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