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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The List (Week 6)

First thing is first. I have won my money league matchup 2 weeks in a row. We are not down and out after a sluggish 0-4 start, but not we are out of last place and we are slowly fighting back into the pack. Very slowly.

The standings in the league look like this so far
one team is 6-0
another is 5-1
another is 4-2
teams 4-8 all have records of 3-3
I am at 2-4.

This is still very doable.

The victory came at the hands of some lucky bounces and I do mean lucky. Mark Clayton with 2 TD's both off of deflections. That is wicked excellent hand-eye coordination and I for one am very impressed with that.
Hines Ward found the endzone. I know he is still not 100% and the Steelers still have a bitch of a schedule, but Ward catching the ball is a step in the right direction for my team and the Steelers.
Josh (Jacked) Brown was clutch against St. Louis and to think I was upset because Scobee was on bye this week. Our team managed a respectable 107 points overall. With every player contributing a little (Plummer and Mike Furrey take note)
It was the suprisingly poor performances of the opponent that helped us though. Rudi Johnson only managed 4 points and Thomas Jones 5 points (Cadillac Willams had 11 for me). He had Joe Horn (who somehow decides every year to play huge against me) but that was offset by Derrick Mason, Greg Lewis, and Eric Johnson having a combined 5 points (Furrey had 3 and that was my lowest output). The Steelers defense couldn't vault him ahead, but it made the loss respectable for my worthy foe.
We didn't even start Michael Clayton (who finally found the endzone on one of the sweetest plays of the season) and my opponent didn't start Kevin Jones which was great, because he would have won the matchup then.

This week should be an interesting matchup for me. My opponent had Marc Bulger, Travis Henry, and the Bears defense all on bye this week. He doesn't have a 2nd defense right now, so he will have to pick up whatever is left over and he has to start Chad Pennington against the Lions which destroyed JP Losman last week.
He does have Tiki Barber against Dallas, Roy Williams and Randy Moss but overall depth is off poor quality on this roster. If all goes well team No Fat Chicks could be 3-4.

The List is back....
To: Dennis Green
Re: Monday night meltdown
That was a great press conference after the game. Totally flipping out, it has to be on the highlight reel for the Cardinals because that is the story of the year. Grab defeat from the jaws of victory.
You are at home on Monday night and almost take down the last of the unbeaten teams in the NFL. You defied physics that night you both sucked and blew at the same time.
Smooth move firing the offense coordinator, it really was your fault
To: Michael Clayton
Re: TD Grab
That's the effort that we expect from you. You bitched about not finding the endzone and now you found it. Let's stay there.
P.S. - Nice effort laying out for the win. That's what the fans like to see.
To: Matt Linart
Re: Hold onto the ball
Matt, hang in there. It's not like the good old days of USC where 80% of your o-line were going to the NFL and become decent. You don't have a line. You might be safer with no line to protect you and have 11 receivers on the field. We might have something there.
To: Mike Holmgren
Re: Dumb Luck and 'What Can Brown Do For You?"
How lucky are you getting out of St. Louis alive and with a victory. You need to work on that defense it is pitiful and I thought you were going to make it better. Ummm....okay then where are the sacks and picks and fantasy points for my squad you dumb fuck.
To: Travis Henry
Re: Gool Old Days
It takes me back to watching him run wild for the Buffalo Bills and then get cast off and do shit until this past week. I don't know who I feel more sorry for. The Titans for thinking Travis Henry is capable of this every week or the Redskins who decided to bend over on Sunday afternoon.
To: Roy Williams and Terrell Owens
Re: Welcome to the game of Football
You see you have to catch the ball in the endzone for points, until this past week. You obviously forgot that was part of the game. Prediction on both, they suck the next 2 weeks because they are over confidnet now.
To: Bruce Gradkowski, Vince Young
Way to pick up your first career victories. Cheers to you my good friend. Hurrah!

The Good:
LT - He had 4 touchdowns and did not crack 100 yards. How on earth does that happen since Jerome Bettis is retired?
The Steelers - Looking like yourself, but still a long way to go
The Saints go marching on again, hurrah hurrah.

The Bad:
Bears - Was is it me making too many Ditka references that forced them to give up 6 count them SIX turnovers. Papa Bear Halas is rolling over in his grave with a performance like that.
Oakland - What's black and silver with no hope of victory? The Oakland Raiders. hahaha
The Bengals, Redskins, and Bills - okay, the Bills shouldn't be here because there game was more of a toss up. But, Cincy and Washington there was no excuses. If you don't want to play anymore then fine, but to get paid, you need to play.

Rankings to come soon....


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