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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NFC West Preview

NFC West Preview

In the last of our pre-season previews, we are going to look at the NFC West.
Home of the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks and three other teams who are not up to the caliber of Seattle, otherwise known as Arizona, St. Louis, and the once mighty 49ers.

The predicted order of finish is as follows...
1) Seattle (HUGE Suprise here)
2) St. Louis
3) Arizona
4) San Fransisco

Seattle barring injury will win this division and go back to the playoffs. They scored the most points in the league last season and they have the most potent runner in some guy named, Shaun Alexander. Yes, the Seahawks did lose out on Steve Hutchinson which could diminish some of the ease that Seattle moved the ball, but I doubt it. I still think that Alexander will have a monster year (breaking the Madden cover jinx) and Hasselback will be a force yet again.
Unless, plague strikes through the Pacific Northwest. Count them in the playoffs.

St. Louis comes in next. They lost Adam Achuleta to free agency and they lost Mike Martz but they have added in Jim Haslett a defensive minded coach to help sure up a team that looked abyssmal last season. They couldn't stop anything last year. If the defense turns it around then they might be in the playoffs, but they are going to need big performances out of Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger.

Arizona has been the talk of the league, lately. You heard me correctly. Arizona has talent. Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin, Kurt Warner were dynamic last season. So, new coach Dennis Green comes in and strikes gold. They add Edgerrin James (esentially stole him from Indianapolis) and they fall into Matt Leinart on draft day. He can throw the ball while Warner is not a young guy anymore.
If the Cardinals can improve on defense, they could be somewhere that few people could have imagined...the playoffs.

Lastly, the 49ers. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when describing the 49ers to you. They did draft Vernon Davis at TE and brought in Norv Turner. But there are so many problems with this team, that it will be a stretch for them not to be in the running for the number 1 pick in next year's draft.
At least Frank Gore, finally get's to start. He should deliver if he's healthy.

Season is only days away.


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