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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drafting til your Eyes Bleed

Most people were out enjoying their Labor Day weekend, while I (along with many others, I assume) were going over last minute updates for their fantasy football drafts that are just before Thursday's mayhem in Pittsburgh.

I drafted my third of four teams. (My final draft being tonight.) I think that my team is very solid. Many people were pissed off at me but you know what. tough. I took the players I wanted and they seemed to be really upset, meaning I took 'their' players. I enjoy being an a jerk at times, especially being the snake in the grass on draft day.

My roster shakes down like this...
qb- Jake Delhomme
qb- Ben Roethlisberger (he may be out for Week 1 - appendecemy, but he's only my backup)
rb-Ronnie Brown
rb- Rueben Droughns
rb- Mike Bell (bench)
rb- Deangelo Williams (bench)
wr- Larry Fitzgerald (I didn't like the RB's left when I picked in the 2nd round, someone took Cadillac Williams right before I took Fitzgerald)
wr- Darrell Jackson
wr- Lee Evans
wr- Ernest Wilford
wr- Ashley Lelie (last round choice - everyone else forgot about him)
te- Heath Miller
te- Kellen Winslow Jr. (late round choice)
k- Nate Keading
d- Atlanta (something tells me they are mounting the comeback this year with Abraham)

Thursday is opening night and I am an irate Steelers fan that wants Big Ben out there to be dominant against Miami. I like Charlie Batch, but not on opening night.

Tonight, I have my final draft (18 teams). This is going to be a painful one. Hopefully I have a decent pick, otherwise I am hosed.

Until then,


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