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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baseball at it's finest

I was sitting up late the other night, flipping through the television channels and stumblied across one of my favorite sports movies, Major Legaue. Now I never said it was a good movie, in terms of meaningfulness, but it is crazy funny. It always makes me laugh.

Then it hit me, like a Rick Vaughn fastball. The Florida Marlins are the real life team in Major League. It makes perfect sense. No one knew anyone on the Marlins except for Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, and manager Joe Girardi (specifically because everyone happens to be a Yankees fan, because that's the cool team to root for.)

Quick, think back to April and you were looking at team previews. Who ignored the Florida roster almost entirely? Who is this Scott Olsen kid, Anibal Sanchez (never heard of him), Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla (his name alone made you cringe). Uggla exactly what the Marlins were going to be this year right? Unless, you were a die-hard Marlins fan or an Alberquerque (N.M.) Isotopes fan (AAA for the Marlins) there was very little to root for.
I mean come on if they are going to pack up and bolt in the night just get it over with. Go to Portland, or Vegas, or Indianapolis for all I care. In the words of Nike "just do it."

There is one thing that happened though. No one told the Marlins that they were not supposed to be competitive. All of a sudden, they are the chic team to root for. Everyone loves to be a part the success story of an underdog team, are these fans for real?

The Marlins are one game over .500 (73-72) and only two games back in the NL Wild Wild Wild Card Race. Everyone in the NL is still mathematically alive for the Wild Card. There are already rumors circulating that Girardi will be fired by the owner Jeffery Loria (who ironically was a part of the Expos exile to Washington D.C.)

I think that the Marlins are a dangerous team, because they are filled with young talent that will not quit. They are anchored by a few pieces left over from the World Series team in 2003, which seems like decades ago now.

In Major League, my favorite part is where they are sitting in the locker room and they have a cardboard cutout of the female owner and for every win they get, the team reveals another piece from underneath. My only question is do the Marlins have a cardboard cutout of Jeffery Loria? It would be funny and make sense.

Let's go out and win the whole f*ing thing! That's how the Marlins operate.

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