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Friday, September 01, 2006

AFC West Preview

The AFC West, where every game is a shootout. Oh wait, only seems like that most of the time.

I see the division beaking down like this....
1) Denver
2) San Diego
3) Kansas City
4) Oakland

Denver, what can we say about Denver excpet that, they are looking at both this year and down the road all at the same time. For example, who ran to their waiver wire in the fantasy football league and wantedto know who the hell Mike Bell was? More importantly, was he worth using a high waiver priority on?

The answer is maybe. Team Bell (both Mike and Tatum) will be used in the famed 'system' of Denver that have made somebody's out of everyday joes. That's not all though. Let's pick up a #2 receiver to go with Rod Smith, who has been playing forever. Hmmm......we could get someone in the draft or get Javon Walker. Let's get Walker. We have extra draft picks, great let's get Jay Cutler (who, apparently is as good as he was advertised).
Be advised that Gary Kubiak, lon-time assistant to Shanahan has bolted to Houston to coach and took that offensive system with him.
The Broncos are the class of this division and barring injuries punch their ticket for a January playoff run.

Next the San Diego Super-Chargers. They didn't want to overpay for Drew Brees, but they do have Philip Rivers and it is his time to shine. Can he step up to the plate or will he fall flat on his face. Remember he was picked ahead of Ben Roethlisberger and was a key component of the famed Eli Manning trade. They still have a couple guys named Tomlinson and Gates, maybe you heard of them. I think those guys are pretty good, so we will wait and see on that.
There schedule last season was hell, but it is a little bit better and the young guys on defense have had a full-season to develop. If anyone, takes down Denver this will be the team to do it.

Next up is Kansas City, the Chiefs brought in a defensive head coach in Herm Edwards who has finally excaped the New York media swarm. Can he bring his magic to Arrowhead? Offensive guru, Al Saunders is gone and that leaves a solid offensive scheme in limbo. Can Larry Johnson step up and deliver like a number 1 back can, or was last season an absolute fluke. The world may never know. Also, can Trent "Statuesque" Green stay upright or is he going to be down and out. If that's the case it will be a good thing gone bad in KC.

Oakland must have spent the off-season hanging around the Buffalo Bills, watching Back to the Future. Oakland management thought, hey let's bring in Aaron Brooks and Art Shell. Didn't Art Shell coach when Bo Jackson was playing? Oh wait, Jackson was in camp (my mistake). There are so many egos on this team that it would be a challenge for anyone to come in and fix them. They gave up on Charles Woodson, but brought in Duane Starks and drafted safety, Michael Huff from Texas. If Brooks and Moss come to life then it will be a fun thing to watch in Oakland. If not, then ouch.

The last one standing, the NFC West....

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