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Thursday, August 31, 2006

NFC South Preview

The NFC South, this is known for highly competitive football and a lot of bloodshed on the field.
This to me the one of, if not the most challenging division in all of football.

My predicted order of finish is as follows...
1) Carolina
2) Atlanta
3) Tampa Bay
4) Saints

Now, I know people are going to have my head on a platter for thinking the Bucs are the third team in the standings, but there is a method to my madness.

Carolina is one of two teams, I see coming out of the NFC and playing this year in the Super Bowl. There were not many glaring needs that needed to addressed, however Carolina stepped up to the plate and filled those needed holes. They added a solid 2 WR in Keyshawn Johnson, which hopefully will open things up a little bit better for Mr. Automatic (Steve Smith). They got arguably the best running back NOT named Reggies Bush in the draft (DeAngelo Williams) and beefed up a strong defense to begin with.
The running game needs to stay healthy, which is quite the challenge in Carolina and Steve Smith needs to be healthy. If those happen, then Carolina will be on my mind deep into the playoffs.

The Falcons have a good core of talent. I like Michael Vick, but I like Matt Shaub even more as his back up. Duckett is now gone and Ashley Lelie is in town. Yeah, another underachieving receiver. It's the defense that needs to credit though, they choked last season and caused headaches for many a fantasy owner. However, veteran leadership has been brought in with Lawyer Milloy and John Abraham. These two guys will help energize a defense that will return to being a top 10 defensive unit in the NFL.

The Bucs, yes Cadillac Williams is 'nasty', when he's healthy. But, Chris Simms? I just don't see it this year, I need to see a full season out of him for me to become a believer. Also, where in Tampa Bay is Michael Clayton? Fantasy hero in 2004, Fantasy goat in 2005, who shows up in 2006? I hope hero, becuase I have him on many teams. The Buccanneers have done more with less, but they are a feast or famine pick right here.

Lastly, the New Orleans (wait San Antonio, wait Baton Rouge) Saints. Last year, the team without a home after the devestation of Hurricane Katrina had a challenging time focusing on football and who can blame them. I wouldn't be focused if everything around me was in thousands of pieces and under water. The good news is that, the Saints are coming home, they did find a quarterback who understands that you need to throw the ball (Drew Brees) and they picked up, arguably the most dynamic player to come out of college in decades in Reggie Bush. I think Bush will be used a little bit of everywhere, including receiver as Duece McAllister is recovering from surgery, but has performed well in pre-season. Bush will be in the slot and take over a little bit of the #2-receiver role since Donte Stallworth is now in the city of Brotherly Love. With a new coach and new star in New Orleans, it is just a matter of time until things turn around in the Big Easy.


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