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Monday, August 28, 2006

NFC North Preview

Lions and Vikings and Bears, oh my.
(I just couldn't resist)
The NFC North, the old-time, pound out the football, bloodbath that true football fans love.

The predicted finish is as follows...
1) Chicago
2) Detroit
3) Minnesota
4) Green Bay

Da' Bears. Quick who would win in a fight Ditka or a hurricane? Trick question, the Hurricane's name was Ditka. (I had to do it, I couldn't resist.) The defense is there, but is the offense there. That's the big question leading up to the season. No, Brian Griese is not the answer like most of you Bears believers would like to think. The Bears need to figure out who i the 2 receiver with Mushin Muhammed and who is going to be their running back. Benson or Thomas Jones. Everyone is Chicago and everyone playing fantasy football are dying to know.

The Lions are 2nd. What the hell? The (yawn) Lions. Mike Martz thinks he can save them, the truth is he cannot save them at all. Joey Harrington run out of town. Oh wait, you mean he's really bad. Get an offensive line and give him time to throw the ball. No running game, everyone covers the receivers. Look, to completions. Harrington also can't help the fact that the management of Detroit couldn't find their way out of a paper bag.
I liked Harrington and thought that he got a raw deal. Martz will earn his paycheck this season, because Jon Kitna and Josh McCown are no Joey Harrington.

Let's all hold hands and become one with the team. The Vikings need a spiritual retreat to get everything back on track. The Vikings are a mess both on and off the field. They have tons of problems and thought that trading away Daunte Culpepper would be a good idea. Yeah, it wasn't. Brad Johnson is the second immoblile quarterback in the entire league. (Bledsoe is number 1). They overpaid for Chester Taylor who isn't going to do much, with a porous offensive line (Yes, they take Steve Hutchinson away from Seattle but does that really matter, when the day is over?
The Vikings are at least a year away, but actually two years because the players are not the brightest around.

Lastly, let's all ask ourselves what the hell is Brett Farve still doing in the league. Didn't Farve want to have a winning team around him, but Javon Walker is gone and the 3-headed monster at running back can't be a good thing. Yes, the defense is upgraded with Charles Woodson and AJ Hawk, but how are they going to score points? Farve will gaurantee one thing. He will put fans in the stands by playing out his 'last' season.

Counting the days til opening night in the 'Burgh.


Blogger Webs said...

Jubs, tsk tsk...As much as Griese may not be the "answer," what exactly do the Bears need at QB? I mean, Kyle Orton led them to a division last year. Any upgrade from that will make this team very dangerous come playoffs. Griese is a veteran and he's showing signs of his old form (a weird trend in the NFL this year btw). Mushin will not be as quiet as he was last yr. The biggest question mark is not the QB, its the RB. Which one of the three-headed monster will emerge as the most reliable and injury-free? Oh, and their defense is pretty good too. Besides the Bears, who should dominate this division (and if they dont, I will cry), any one of the other three teams have a chance of second place, be it a second place team with a record of 8-8, 7-9. So many questions surround these teams. Can Kitna be good in Detroit (he did find a way in Cincy)? Will Jones stay healthy? Favre healthy? Green healthy? Brad Johnson, non-boring?
Looking forward to the next post jubs.

12:56 PM  

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