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Friday, August 25, 2006

Fantasy Sports Chat

NFC EAST PREVEIW (more like massacre)

So far this division has been the craziest from the most competitive, most psychotic, and most annoying.

The Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, and the Eagles. (Does someone really have to win this division?)
I suppose I am jaded because only the Eagles didn't manhandle those Mighty Bills in a Super Bowl, but Westbrook is evil and has cursed every fantasy team he has been on. (Therefore, my hatred of the Eagles.)

Anyways the predicted order of finish looks as this....
1) Philadelphia
2) Dallas
3) Washington
4) New York

Now first off, didn't the Giants win this division this past season. I think that they did. Don't they have a Manning at quarterback? I didn't think that this team has regressed to being predicted in the bottom of the division, but then again it's the NFC East and I can't focus my attention on that for very long.
I have this theory that every New York Giant fan in the tri-state area is currently driving to Sportsline and beat them with all their might. Every thread from the predictions were irate Giant fans. So, irate I was happy that I wasn't at college in New York State because I would have had to listen to this crap. All the f*ing time. I am an AFC boy and honestly, if I have to listen to how the Giants are the best team in football on Super Bowl weekend again (especially when the Seahawks and MY Steelers are playing) I will have to do something I truly regret.

Okay, stop angry lunatic rampage. Anyways, The Eagles are at the top and the Cowboys are 2nd for one simple factor. Terrell Owens. For the Eagles it's addition by subtraction and the distraction is something that the Cowboys brass should be able to keep in control (if not Parcelles will reitre). McNabb is in control of this team and rightly so, it is his team. Andy Reid will find a way again, the road of the NFC no longer will go through Philly but the Eagles will be clawing all season.

The Cowboys made a good move and a bad move recently. Good - Getting Owens , Bad - Getting Owens, Vanderjagt (punk kickers need to kick or they will be released), not getting a solid veteran backup for 'Statue Drew' Bledsoe. Don't be suprised if Bledsoe is knocked out of more than a few games early this season. At these the "Behind the Star-E True Hollywood Story" will be entertaining coming out of Dallas.

Washington - News Flash. Antawn Randle El is not worth the money you spent on him. Neither is everyone on your roster. Welcome to the L.A. Dodgers or N.Y. Mets (before they turned things around) of Football. Washington is the funniest team this side of the Mississippi. Let's keep Brunell and surround mediocre targets around him. Yes, Santana Moss had a great season last year, but I think that he is 1) the product of a system and 2) so happy to be out of New York that last season was a fluke.
I am not impressed with the Redskins. It will take time and this team doesn't stop and reflect they throw money around like idiot college students buying every iPod accessory on the planet. Newsflash- Brunell hurt and in comes, Jason Campbell (Yep, playoffs written all over there)

Lastly the Giants. Yes, the secondary wasfeatured on extreme home-field makeover. Oh wait, that was a dream. Their defense was a suprise to many in fantasy leagues, but this season they will show more of their true form. Also, Tiki Barber cannot keep up with his monster season from last year - can he? Eli is still growing up, but Sinorice Moss isn't going to be a factor much this season. Remember this - Plaxico Burress in playoff game = dropped passes and choke artist.

Next let's cruise to the Central.
Send me your thoughts.



Blogger Webs said...

Jubs, again, I am scratchin my head with this one. It seems you and Yahoo have joined in on one crazy adventure that will have the Ginats at the bottom of the division and the Eagles finishing first. Did I miss something, or did Philly pick-up a go-to WR, a 16 game RB, or a defense that defends better than Swiss Cheese? The lack of a running game has been apparent already in the preseason as 3 RBs are vying for the starting RB positon for week 6 (when Westbrook hurts himself). Moats has been demoted to second on that list and is having injury problems of his own. There is still no receiver in Philly. Unless Donovan is throwing to himself, this team will finish no better than 3rd this year. Now, the NY Giants, what has everyone so down on this team? I hate a NY team as much as the next guy, but seriously, 4th? Eli is beginning to prove himself as one of the premier QBs in the league (look at last yrs numbers). With huge targets like Amani and Buress, that attack will still be prevelant. I have this sick feeling Tiki is gonna get hurt this year, but if he's healthy, this team will finish well. The D is susepct, but they still are an overall better team than Philly. Here's what I got:
1.) Washington
2.) NY Giants
3.) Cowboys (although they could easily jump up if TO actually plays and Julius Jones returns to 04 form)
4.) Philly

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