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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fantasy Sports Chat

More for Gore

With yesterday's trade of Kevin Barlow to the New York Jets. Frank Gore barring injury is king of the castle in San Fransisco. He has already been on my radar screen as I am a founding member of the Barlow hurts and fantasy team he's on.
Remember Gore was supposed to start in front of two running backs named, I believe McGahee and Portis at the U in Miami. I think those guys turned out all right.
I think it is pretty simple to say Gore will be going for more.

Any thoughts, how's are the drafts going?

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Blogger Mike Smith said...

I'm a bit leery of taking Gore at this point in time as, until Alex Smith can prove that he can be consistant and effective, Gore will find a lot of 8 and 9 people in the box. It doesn't really matter how good your back is when there's someone plugging every...single...hole. Not to mention the offensive line in SF is only decent.

Great for Gore in getting the start now, but I don't think he'll be piling up a nice amount of fantasy stats. Simply not an ideal situation there.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Matt Juba said...

I agree he still has a lot to prove, but Barlow is running into the Dolphins, Patriots, and Bills for 6 of his 16 games. I wouldn't want to be him. The Jets fans demand perfection and they won't get it here.

1:16 PM  

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