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Monday, August 21, 2006

Fantasy Sports Chat

Fantasy Sports Chat

I had another draft over the weekend with friends from back in the states. It would have been better, but with everyone's schedule we had to do an automated draft, which sucks big time.

I dispise the automated draft, because it is so much more fun to read into the other players and their strategies and tyr to pysche them out.

I luckily ended up with the 5th overall pick (out of 10) so it really didn't matter where yo were, because there was going to be quality players everywhere. Also, the commissioner failed to tell me we also had to draft individual defensive players, which I wasn't prepared for I would have listed a few that I wanted, but I didn't. Therefore, I was subject to whatever crap Yahoo gave me.

My roster (Toronto Argonauts) shapes up like this offensively....
qb- Culpepper
qb- Farve
rb- Barber
rb- Cadillac Williams
rb- Frank Gore
rb- Chester Taylor
wr- Hines Ward
wr- Reggie Wayne
wr- Reggie Brown (someone has to catch McNabb's throws)
wr- Keyshawn Johnson
te- Tony Gonzalez
te- Mercedes Lewis
k- Nate Kaeding
def- Pittsburgh
individual defensive players are overall weak (I won't even waste the time by posting them)

Looking at this lineup without making any moves, I predict a middle of the road team here. I have my work cut out for me.

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