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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fantasy Football 06

The leaves are starting to turn the 4th of July has come and gone and now it's time to get down to business. It's time for fantasy football and as millions have discovered it's an ugly addiction that just cannot be avoided.

This year I have cut back and I am only involved in four leagues.
My money league team shaped up like this:
(My co-owner and I picked 10th out of 12 teams this year)

qb- Tom Brady
qb- Jake Plummer
rb- Cadillac Williams
rb- Dominack Davis (he was a reach but the dropoff of backs after him were rough)
rb- Ryan Moats (westbrook hasn't had a healthy season in years)
rb- Deuce McCalister (he broke my heart last season, but I still managed to run away with the title thanks to Barber, Chris Chambers, Roy Williams, and Marvin Harrison)
wr- Hines Ward
wr- Lee Evans
wr- Mike Clayton
wr- David Givens
wr- Mark Clayton
wr- Michael Jenkins
te- Todd Heap
te- Jermaine Wiggins
k- Josh Brown
k - Josh Scobee
D- Seattle
D- Minnesota

it's a 12 team league. so notable suprises were Reuben Droughns going 8th overall. I had a toss up between Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams at 10. Brady falling to the 5th round. I was quite satisfied with that.

This year my league added a flex position of wr/te to our starting lineup. So the run on wide recievers caught me off guard and in a panic had to take Lee Evans early, because it was him or a low tier #1 receiver (ie-Eddie Kennison) Also, Deion Branch went with the pick right before mine and he was the player I was looking at.

You thoughts and let me know how your drafts went.

Until next time.


Blogger Webs said...

Thats one sick team---GO No Fat Chicks

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