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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

AFC South Preview

Hmmm....the AFC South the story of two have's and two have-not's.
Real big suprise here, actually not really.

Predicted Order of Finish
1) Indianapolis
2) Jacksonville
3) Houston
4) Tennessee
* I flipped a coin and held a series of potato sack races to determine 3 and 4 between Houston and Tennessee. I will explain that later though.

Indianapolis manhandled everything in their path last season had a streak of consecutive victories that had the '72 Dolphins a little nervous. But, then came the playoffs, then came the emotionally high-Steelers, cue "The Fumble" and "The Tackle". But don't forget Vanderjagt and his big mouth, shanking a kick that would have kept the Colts alive in that game.
They have had an entire off-season to fix some glaring ommissions. The Colts send Vanderjagt and his ego packing, while swiping Adam (Mr. Clutch) Vinatieri from the Patroits causing a power shift West from Foxborough to Indy. Edgerrin James ran to the Land of Sun and Millions to play for the Cardinals. The Colts quietly draft LSU stud Joesph Addai to replace him and he could be a starter by mid-season.
The Colts have to 'maintain' and if that can be achieved, then the playoffs will have the Colts penciled in.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are determined to knock Indy down a step or two. This cocky, young, energetic team upgraded the corner with Brian Williams. However, it really needs to be time for Byron Leftwich to step up. (My friend can tell you I am the biggest supporter of Leftwich outside of the Jacksonville area.) He needs to be healthy and he needs to be a force for the Jaguars. He lost Jimmy Smith (who finally retired), but can Matt Jones, Ernest Wilford, and Reggie Williams become more reliable.
Lastly, Fred (I stubbed my toe and I am questionable for the rest of the season) Taylor is back, but his backup and one of my sleepers (Greg Jones) is out for the season with a torn ACL. If Taylor goes down, rookie Maurice Drew takes over. Frightening.

Houston was number 3, but then Domanick Davis decided to be the spawn of satan himself and screw over the money league team! I am livid and this further solidifies that money leagues shouldn't draft in early August. They did make the right move, in not drafting Reggie Bush, because they have...oh wait Domanick Davis. Yes, the defense will be improved as will the passing game with Eric Moulds and Gary Kubiak running the show.

Tennessee also makes number 3, let's say (3.5). They draft Vince Young, and Lendale White. They got David Givens, but let the franchise go in Steve McNair. I just don't understand it. But wait it gets better, because we have Kerry Collins. (Who was unemployed until about 4 days ago.) Tennessee has made one thing distinctly clear. They are in the rebuilding mode this season. I say let the kids play and see what they can do.

Later the NFC South, with teams that are geographically in the South. (I am talking to you Indianapolis)


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