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Thursday, August 24, 2006

AFC East Preview

I saw today the CBS. Sportsline has already begun their preseason predictions for the actual football season and I am a little confused and wanted some clarification on things.

Sportsline, won't return my emails or phone calls and I believe they have completely lost their minds.....
Let's talk about the AFC East. Ah I know it well, being an hour from Buffalo and having gone to college with ignorant JETS fans for the last four years. (One advantage of graduating, I hate those J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS chants. I want to punch someone in the face when I hear it.)

Predicted order of finish
1) Patriots (Wait, let me regroup myself out of shock and awe for that.) (Yawn)
2) Bills (Am I dreaming? The Bills? Has Jim Kelly been revived and is able to guide them to victory again?)
3) Jets (Oh, how I loathe you)
4) Dolphins (Aren't they the 'trendy' pick this season?)

The Patriots they should win barring the plauge, apocolyptic disasters occurring.

The Bills in 2nd. This is the ONLY, place outside out Western New York who puts the Bills this high. The Bills, are a 3rd place team at best this season unless Lee Evans turns into Andre Reed and Willis McGahee become vintage Thurman Thomas. Just because Marv Levy is back in the helm, doesn't mean he is bringing back the old magic.
Wasn't it directly after the draft in April all the football experts were questioning what the Bills were thinking? The Bills were being talked about as a potential front-runner for a Adrian Peterson or Brady Quinn at the top of next year's draft.

The Jets, yep your qb is injury prone, your backup is too. The running back is long overdue for a breakdown, but hey Wayne Cherbet is still there (wait, what was that he finally retired too). I like what they did in the draft and they are going to be 'building' something special with POTENTIAL, but they are barely behind the Bills in my eyes.

The Dolphins, waht can I say about Miami. Ricky Williams loves hit pot so much he fled to the CFL (He is also currently out with a broken wrist.) This has meant that more people know who the Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos are but in all seriousness. Ronnie Brown was drafted number 2 for a reason. He is that good. It's addition by subtraction in my mind and this guy is nasty. He is a top back and for fantasy players should be a favorite of many.
Culpepper has arrived and the Dolphins now has someone who can throw the ball to Chambers and McMichael. Joey Harrington is the back up there, but Culpepper is the important piece.
People have wanted to cut the Dolphins and give up on them for quite some time, but a buy low team ready to become playoff bound is Miami and those tricky Dolphins.

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Blogger Webs said...

You can't seriously think the Bills, with proabably, at best, the 25th ranked overall defense, can possibly finish two in this division? The Dolphins, after riding a ridiculous run late in the season last year, will carry that forward into the 06 season. Ronnie Brown is gonna step again, Chambers has been dominate this preseason, as have the "dual QB-revival projects" in Harrington and Culpepper. The Patriots are my semi-clear number one, but the Dolphins will finish second and light a fire under the Pats butts. Bills finish three with Lee Evans having a huge season (GO NFC) and the lowly J-E-T-S-S-S, will S-U-C-K, suck, suck, suck.

Peace and love brotha.

9:54 AM  

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